Stopper Rod Mechanism


Both electrical and hydraulic actuated stopper drives are available. These compact drives are designed for high performance and accuracy. The Stopper Rod Mechanism has very limited mechanical play offering precise reaction, minimal maintenance and long lasting components.

Our complete system solution includes:

  • Automated stopper control system
  • Newest generation of mold level sensors
  • Mono Tube Changers (MTC) with outstanding operational and safety features
  • Advanced argon management system including data storage
  • Easy adjustable software parameters (speed, force, acceleration)
  • Advanced INTERSTOP experience for fast installation and start-up times and¬†excellent after sales service.

The INTERSTOP stopper control system is an integral part of the RHI and INTERSTOP ladle to mould technology – combining refractory and system excellence to provide best suitable solutions for clean steel production.

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